What would happen
If we spoke our mind?

Would we cease to exist
Become a stitch in time?

What would happen
If we didn't choose our words so

If we didn't bottle it up and instead
chose to breathe freely?

Would we find freedom
There beyond the sorrow of the
world feeling sorry for the hurt?

What would happen
If we spoke our mind?

Would we become forgotten
Left by those we thought loved us
Forgotten in the breeze?

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This poem is a question to why we are so afraid to speak our mind. We wonder what would happen. Would we find liberty from all that is constraining us inside our minds? Or, would we be met with turned heads and blocked ears unwilling to listen to what we need to say? Feeling like we can't speak our minds leads to the tight bottled up feeling you get in your chest where your lungs are aching for air but you simply can't seem to get a breath.


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