Hi everyone! I'm a bit late to the article craze on WHI (blame university preparations) but I'm here now and I'M LOVING IT.

I decided to do my first article on happiness as my most successful collection on WHI is undoubtably my 'Happiness n Stuff' collection and I decided to make that the focus.

I want to start by saying that right now, wherever you are, whether you've had a great day or a bad one, I want you to think of your schedule this week and make plan three things that you know will cheer your week up!
This for me would be making time to go to my favourite bookshop and buy a new book, meeting up with a friend I haven't seen in ages or booking that trip that I've been wanting to do for ages. It could be anything from going for a walk in your favourite park, planning your Friday night as a night in with a takeaway and your favourite film to booking that holiday you've been wanting to book in forever.

I feel like our happiness can easily be sabotaged by minor incidents at work/school or feeling like someone else is happier than us and feeling insignificant. Your happiness is so unique that no one else can feel your certain happiness. No one else can be exactly as happy as me when I buy a new book, no one can feel the way I feel when i climb into bed after a long day. My happiness is unique and that is our strength. So every week make sure you plan some things that you know will make you happy, that is much more important than any work/school deadlines or commitments!!

If ever you're nervous about something, whether its an argument with a friend, a test coming up, conflict with your boss, just think to yourself, will this still matter to me in a years time? Or look at it in a different perspective, out of all the things that are going on i the world, this one test you've got is so insignificant in comparison, the worst that can happen is that you've got to resit it right? Your happiness is so important and whilst its healthy to feel nervous about things, don't let it take over your happiness.

I would love to hear what makes you all happy, if you ever have time, try writing an article on what makes you happy and mention me in the tags 'livvybeale'

Much love!! Livvy