BADASS BABES… it is the new norm… to be badass and to be a babe..

But do you have it in you ????

So this is my version of the BADASS BABE.. & I do not mean to disregard anyone.. (just a heads up , you know!)

So give yourself 1 point for every yes.. and then we will total up at the end.

-You know who you are.
-You know what you want.
-You are clever to get what you want.
-You have a set of principles that you function on & those would not bend for anyone, anyone means anyone.
-You like to have fun after a hard day.
-You love your family.
-You can do anything for your family.
-You love what you do, and only do what you love.
-You always know how to cheer yourself up.
-You put your family first.
-You mind your own business.
-You know when to choose between the right and wrong.
-You are a team player.
-You do not shy away from risk.
-You stay away from negativity.
-You love wine and can bathe in it. (Lol)
-You are an early riser.
-You never miss breakfast.
-You have a To-Do List & follow it.
-You are ambitious and a go – getter.

Now total your points, if you have 15 or more points, welcome to the club honey, you are a BADASS BABE; but if you are less than 15, do not be disappointed. Join the Group here and aspire and learn from your peers.

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