Hi there! I'm gonna be very very very short because I have to go to my zumba class and I don't want to be late (although my teacher spends a lot of time chatting and always makes me wait).
This morning I took the evaluation test at university and I passed it (17/20)! However, I wasn't worried at all because it was about history and Italian literature, which I adore. I also found out the timetable of lessons and, if I didn't get it wrong, I don't have to go neither on Fridays nor on Saturdays. To be honest, I kind of like it. There are only two subjects at the moment, Latin literature (God help me!) and English (!!!) and the times are very convenient.
Another good news: there is the possibility to work in a nursery school! I left my B2 certificate there and they say they would call me to give me informations about this job, that is teaching children English. They haven't called me yet, but I keep hoping.
Work and university, I'm getting back on track, aren't I?