Hello my lovely little licornes ~

Yesterday I was having such a great day! I got up early in the morning, because I was meeting with M* and G*, who came to visit us after being in Czech republic for such a long time. I also met with her two days ago, when we were meeting together with two other people, but yesterday, it was only three of us ♥ It has been such a long time since we spent time together like this. Oh, I miss the old times.

When I came home I started to edit the photos I had taken recently. There were also photos of items I ordered from Zaful so I decided to post the article too. This time the order contained four different items - two pieces of clothing, one pair of shoes and one choker. Interested in seeing them? Continue the article :)

The first item of clothing I will show you is this Smocked Floral Button Up A Line Dress in a yellow colour. There is also blue colour available, but with a different floral pattern. Well, this yellow one has a floral pattern on itself too and I just love it. I like flowers very much. In front there is a button application together with a thin lace to tie. It has a small V line and short sleeves. Lenght of it is something above the knees - my height is 158 cm. I can´t wait to wear this dress during the spring and summer. It´s made of a really thin, light and breathable material, so I don´t think I will wear it up until then since it has gotten really cold recently here. And this is me wearing them.

Another piece of clothing is a red Checked Plunge Romper which comes together with a short piece of fabric to tie it up in the middle. Rompers are so convenient! You don´t have to think about matching two or more pieces of clothing. You just put on one and choose some accessories, bag or even something on a top - sweater, cardigan, jacket etc. I like its simple yet not boring checked pattern and the fact, it´s "red" too. I don´t have a lot of red stuff in my wardrobe. Romper is made of a bit thicker but comfortable fabric. It has flouncy "shorts" which seem adorble. The only thing I don´t like about this item is its neckline! It´s so deep! I have to sew it up or wear something underneath. You can see me wearing it here.

Want to read more? Read the rest here ↓ http://blog-de-la-licorne.blogspot.sk/2017/09/zaful-red-yellow.html