Hey guys I´m back, school hit me hard.

So before I started writing articles on WHI I thought about topics I could write about. I could do make-up tips but I usually need them for myself. I´m not quite good at that more precisely. Also I thought about tips for school, but I don´t quite have any of these. Although music, movies and TV shows probably are my life I don´t want to write about it. Firstly because there is so much on WHI already and second because everyone has a different taste and so do I. We don´t like the same things and that´s good because otherwise it would be really boring. Coming back to me finding my topics : I just wanted to write something that people can read and think "Yeah, she´s right." . That´s my aim. I want to write texts that people think about. I don´t say that writing about fashion, make-up or other stuff isn´t important, too, but I think nowadays we just need people who don´t stay quiet. We need people who say something and I´m trying to be one of these people. I wanna tell what´s bothering me and I want that people read it, go out and remind my words. I want change and I want it now. So I decided on topics which aren´t represented in our society as much. I have so many things in my mind but the following are the ones I´m going to write down in the next time, so keep listening. Because without readers reading my articles WE don´t change anything. Here are the topics in my mind:

  • gays and lesbians
  • mobbing
  • fake friends
  • Donald Trump
  • terrorism
  • suicide
  • loving yourself
  • judging other people
  • prejudice

I hope that you´re interested in some of them and I hope that you´re not just reading, your acting. Send me a message, tell your friends, hopefully change your mind about some things. But most importantly: send me messages. WHI is a social network just like all the others. I want that you contact me and say something. If you liked my article, if you agree or disagree, if I´m saying something really stupid. I don´t know, just please do something. Even though you don´t want to send me a message - which is totally fine - change your view over people. More about this you´ll find in the next articles. I hope you read until now and I´ll see you next time.

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