I remember that time when I was young, I have always dream to meet my dream lover. I always dream that one day I might meet him. Guess that was just an imagination.

Right now I'm 16 and know now that love is just an imagination. I have been chasing every guy I fell in love with and every single one never end up as I hope. When I felt in love with one of my friends, I was so desperate to tell him about my feelings for him. But I kept it deep inside me and pretended like nothing. Deep down I knew that I can't keep this forever, I have to tell him someday, and that day was when we graduated. I was so scared to tell him that I lost my chance, but insted I tell him face to face, I send him a text. In the text I writed; I LOVE YOU! <3. I waited for anwear but all night, he didn't send a single text back. Another failer of my love life. For some reason, deep down I knew that love was something I can't control. I couldn't get the one I love, I couldn't stop falling in love and I couldn't stop feel so heartbroken every single day. I couldn't take it anymore, I don't want to feel pain whether I see couples or love. On that day, I decide to lock my heart and will not fall in love with anyone. I will not have love, not in me and not in my heart.
There will be no love in my heart.

To Be Continue...