Boys and Crushes ❥ 9 - Cuties

"Life isn't perfect but every second with you is."

September 13, 2017

Being in a relationship is very special. My friend has been in a relationship for quite some time but like it was hard to know or not if it was real. I will start from the start of S's story with L.

Roughly around 2 months ago S was razzing L. Every night on snapchat she'd have 11:11 = L. Then I got hold of his snapchat as it came up in my suggested! Then I started noticing that he was doing the 11:11 too! They always did code names like you ❥ or him / her ❥

On a Wednesday when I was walking to the train station coincidently I was 'walking' behind them and no I'm not a creep... They were walking so close together it was so cute! It turns out that they were going to the shopping centre because S never goes to the Mall without someone. That of course was when I lost them. Though 2 of my friends were at Starbucks and they messaged me asking if S was with L and I was like yeah... turns out they had a Starbucks date!

Not long ago I was snap chatting S and L was also there which I didn't know until he sent me a picture with S's account saying hi. They later sent me a picture and they were hugging. This is the moment I knew they had to be together because seriously who goes over to a girls house for no reason...? I had to confirm that this was real, so what does most girls do? They check their instagram bio and there I found each others name! At that moment I screamed, I have no clue why still to this day.

I sent them a I'm coming to your wedding and L saw it and then he was rambling on about domestic things?.. I really don't know because they were to busy laughing.

Today the 13 this morning they were together with muffins... AKA muffin date! They are literally the sweethearts of the school and the funny thing is that S got a guy before her sister who is 3 years older than her!


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