Helllooooooo everyone, glad to see you guys are enjoying my 30 days challenge that I decided to make part of. ✓ #whichallenge
I bet everybody already knows that @typicalGirl48 made this challenge so everyone would join it. So here I am and I'm pretty happy with the love you guys are giving me back. Thank you very much.

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sweet Sixteen

Hey, how is your day going? xo ♥

As a good Piscean that I am, the 10 things I would like to tell to the 16-year-old myself are kind weird but, here we go:

4.List 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self if you could.

1- Don't be a fool.
2- Don't fell in love too much, enjoy your sixteen (Boys will come with the time, take time for yourself.)
3- Just smile more.
4- Don't cry about what the others thinks about you. (I'm still a crybaby)
5- Don't judge yourself so much.
6- Love everything that you have.
7- Make your dreams come true.
8- Don't say to that boy, that you think he's cute (PS: He loves your cousin).
9- Stay positive and keep dreaming.
10- Love youself (more than the people you see on tv) and do everything you want to.

Remember there is only one of YOU in this world.


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