I hate the night where i feel so hallow inside

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i feel so damn empty and out of place

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i hate the nights where my minds wonders to the unknown

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all i return with is sadness

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i hate counting the tears that rush down my cheeks and collect upon my pillow

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i hate the only thing i have at night to comfort me is my loneliness

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and the only thing i can feel surrounding me is darkness

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i hate it all

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isn't it funny how
"We cut flowers because we think they are beautiful; we cut ourselves because we think we are not."

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i am tired of these people and the feeling they gave to us

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i am tired of being weak.
i am watching my whole world fall apart and all i can do is stare blankly.

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remember when you said to me that you would be here.

what happened to this??

what happened to all the promises that you made??

now that i need you,

where are you ?
where are you ?
where are you ?

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loyalty isn't Grey. it is black and white. you are either loyal completely, or not loyal at all. and people have to understand this especially people like you. you can not be loyal only when it serves you.

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from now on i promise i will not waist a tear in my eyes for you, you do not deserve it.

you never did
but i saw what i wanted to see in you.

it is amazing what woman in love can do

the blame is on me because i have trusted you
when i should not have.

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you were red, and you liked me because i was blue

but you touched me, and suddenly i was a lilac sky

then you decided purple just was not for you

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