Hey WHI,

So, I've been on here for sometime now and I guess maybe you wanna little insight on me and my life (or not and that's fine too), but yeah, here are some facts about yours truly.

My full name is Khadijah Clemente, but I also like to be called KC.

Yes, I am half black/Puerto Rican on my fathers side. Yes I'm aware of who's last name I have. And no I do not speak spanish. Glad that's settled.

My birthday is Oct 10th, less than a month away! Already making plans. To my fellow libras, yall ready? Our time is coming…

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My fears include the following:

  • Elevators, cuz anxiety and lack of oxygen. Also, if it were to malfunction and they drop...nope, nope, nope. Also, if you've seen the movie Devil, you would know that was it for me. If I can take the stairs, I'm taking the damn stairs asthma or not. Need to workout anyways.
amazing, animal, and animals image
Don't let their cuteness fool you. One chased me around the park once. Hated my guts. So now I hate theirs.
  • Clowns. Their not normal. If one approaches me I will run like no tomorrow. People telling me to go see It like no thanks sis.
  • Spiders and any other creepy crawlies. But I assume that's everyones fear.
  • Heights. Don't except me to be on a plane or visit the Empire State anytime soon. As clumsy as I am, yeah I don't think so. This is an exception to rollercoasters though. When it comes to that, count me in definitely.

My favorite movies are anything Disney related. And if you don't like Disney you're only playing yourself.

Oh and my new favorite movie, Wonder Woman. Saw it like five times already. She's such a badass and I love it.

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Favorite songs:

i choose you and kiana ledé image dangerous woman, ariana grande, and forever boy image
ryan destiny image
Make Me Feel by the Star Cast
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He like that from their new album. Tbh their whole album was🔥
demi, music, and singer image lyric, justin bieber, and purposetour image justin bieber, cold water, and major lazer image bruno mars, song, and music image

Others include: Chasing Maybes by Liane V, Hands Free by Keke Palmer, I'll Find you by Lacrae, 1-800-273-8255 by Logic, 1 for me, Crossing the Cosmos, Wanderer and Dreams are real by Tinashe, U don't Know by Justine Skye…

Guys, I have so many favorite songs its ridiculous. But just know, this is my absolute favorite song ever that nothing can top:

black white, edit, and frame image
If this song were a person, I would marry it. One Life by Justin Bieber. Nothing has topped this song yet 💕

But moving on now. As promised I will be doing more music articles really soon.

Things that upset me:

  • Being ignored
  • Constantly put down for trying my hardest
  • Being taken advantage of
  • Last minute things

Things that make me happy:

  • Music
  • Writing/wattpad
  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Just food in general
  • Sunsets
  • The moon
  • Disney
  • Justin Bieber (sometimes)

What I find attractive in people:

Their ability to think outside the box. To think beyond this world. Having goals and ambitions. Who can make me laugh. Someone who can motivate me. Protective. Oh, and charm goes a long way too. Physically, just be taller than me. And keep yourself semi-fit. I ain't asking for much cuz I aint a whole package either so 😂

A confession:

I'm in my twenties and a virgin. Say what you want, I've heard it all and honestly don't give a shit. If I gotta wait, then hell, I've been waiting this long. I carry no shame. If you have alot of sex, fine. If you haven't yet, thats fine too. Do you boo, do you. Shoutout to those virgins near my age frame out there. Your time will come, don't worry. And if you're sexually active, shoutout to you too. Get you some boo 😏

Favorite Holiday:

christmas, snow, and tree image
The lights, the joy, the atmosphere, it's too beautiful for words.

What annoys me easily:

  • Loud ass people (especially in the morning)
  • Slow walkers
  • People touching or standing too close to me. Again, anxiety.
  • Long ass stares. Seriously, I know I'm that ugly, you ain't gotta rub it in. They're other things to look at.


3 beautiful kitties 🐱

Future goals:

Aspiring writer

Celebrity crushes:

album, fine, and happy image
Jacob Latimore
Flagged For Review
Diggy Simmons
actor, beautiful, and black image
Trevor Jackson
brown eyes, singer, and eyecandy image
Jake Miller
grant gustin, the flash, and flash image
Grant Gustin
Image by martinss
Stephen Amell
empire, jamal lyon, and jussie smollett image
Jussie Smollette (yeah, I know what you guys might say, but he's still bae to me)
guy, Hot, and theo james image
Theo James
roshon fegan image
Roshon Fegan (aka the only reason I watched shake it up back in the day)
austin mahone image
Austin Mahone (everyone judges me for liking him but oh well)
zendaya image
Zendaya (aka the second reason I watched shake it up back in the day)
Image by arzu
Normani Kordei
little mix, leigh-anne pinnock, and leigh anne image
moonlight, ariana grande, and moonlight bae image
Ariana Grande

And the one that tops it all off is…

Drumroll please..

justin bieber image
Yes it is he, Justin D. Bieber. Aka my husband. Like he has my heart, idk why but he does. I love my babyboy and I'm so proud of him.

And yeah. This is why I have high, unrealistic expectations when it comes to relationships. I'm forever alone.

And one more fact about me:

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Sorry this was so long. But if you read this far I appreciate it. Will be back soon with another article.

Until then,