Hello my lovely licornes ~

Have you ever come across a cosmetic brand called Belleza Castillo? I have to admit, that I didn´t know about this brand too even I know a lot of ours or foreign cosmetic brands. I was trying to look for some information about this brand but I couldn´t find very much. I read that it´s owned by Samsung International and it has more that 50 years long experience in a beauty industry. It´s also very famous for their sheet masks. You can choose from 4 various ones - sheet, cat, tiger and pig. Sheep one provides a moisturizing, cat one provides a whitening effect, tiger one helps to fight against wrinkles and pig provides your skin an additional collagen.

I came across this beauty brand thanks to e-shop Notino. Up until than I didn´t know about its existence and I didn´t see their products anywhere online. Except the sheet masks you can also find a silicon makeup sponge available there in two shapes - tear and oval.

Except nice, lovely and vibrant packaging you will also be "pleased" by its price. Well, I have to say that these sheet masks were ones of the most expensive ones I´ve ever tried. I know that there are also available also MUCH more expensive masks, but I just can´t help myself - almost 5€ it´s quite a lot for me. On the other side it has to be said, that these masks aren´t the ordinary ones. They´re aren´t white made from a cotton texture. They have the animal faces on themselves! They represent animal on the packaging.

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