I hate the ocean.
There are scary, evil creatures that live in it. The storms engulf things. But I can't help but see its beauty. I enjoy sitting on the beach watching the tide go to and fro. But I refuse to go in. I believe the ocean scares me so much because it reminds me of myself.
I engulf things.
I am cold.
I change people for the worse.
I hurt people.
I love the sun.
It is warm and welcoming. It brightens the world when everything seems dark. It's beautiful and dangerous in its own way. I believe I love the fire so much because it reminds me of you.
You are warm.
You are bright.
You change people for the best.
You help people.
I love you.
I don't think you understand. I am the ocean and you are a raging flame. I love you too much to see my waves snuff you out of existence. So I'm letting you go. Now get out before you drown.