I had to write about this. Being a girl in a boys sport club.
I'm an athlete, a sprinter with a big love for "the King's number", the 100m.

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Yes I like to get out the girl zone en let the beast out, maybe like you?

But in a small town, you won't find a lot of girls with the same passion and dedication for sports. So I train with the boys. Wich is hard. Very hard.

Not only because of the difference between boys and girls based on muscles and speed, but also because I'm not one of them.
I'm just the girl who tries to keep up.

They don't treat me like an equal, as they should. They don't make fun of me like they do of each other. Don't get me wrong, I love every single one of them, but I'm not an equal.

I'm not a girl they need to look after, like they have the feeling they should.

I'm a goddamn strong girl. So I want them to recognise what's in front of them. A sprinter. Maybe with a brighter fire in her soul.
And there is one thing for sure: I will never ever quit the sport I fell in love with, even if that means I need to practice with boys or alone.

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