I like how some people are like "I am not a racist but..."
No,sir/miss you are.There is not "but" in this sentence.You are either a racist or not.There is no in between.
Which brings me to today's issue:Homophobia.
In case you do not know,which I find impossible,homophobia is the fear(from the Greek phobia[=φοβία] meaning fear),discrimination and even cruel and provocative acts towards people who like people of the same sex and generally the LGBT+ Community.(In this artcile,I will focus on Gay people,just to be clear)
Which leads me to the following question:Why do some people consider this a sin?
If I recall correctly,God loves us all without putting someone above someone else.
Look,I am in o question to judge people regarding their opinions because I do not know the story behind them.However,there are some people who have not even bothered to search and inform themselves of the issue and are just saying things like:"I hate Gays" or "Fags are a disgrace to our society" without reasoning their opinion.
I do not know about you but I will respect someone who is going to tell me why he/she has opinions like the above but someone who is just telling things without thinking is just...stupid?
Leaving this behind,I return to the question I posed earlier but this time it is targeted towards unaware people.
Please tell me,what do you exactly hate about Gays?
Because I find them perfectly normal.And I am telling this out of experience,because I have gay friends.And they are totally cool and amazing to talk to and hang out with.And no they are not feminine as many people picture Gays.I mean,they are still manly men.Probably more manly than those who judge them.

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Plus,the "Anti-Gays" do not know how Gay people actually feel.Do they know that some gay have families that make them feel inferior and wrong because of their orientation?Do they know the pain of having constanly to hide because the fingers of society will judge them?Do they know that some of these "fags" they call resort to suicide because they cannot take it anymore?Do they know that there are "correction" facilities to "fix" the "defective"(in which they live and are treated like trash)?
I guess not from their statements...
So,please Sir/Miss if you have not been in their shoes,I beg you to shut it because you do not know anything at all.

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I have many things to say but I write them all down this article will never end.I believe that I have summed up the basics of this "problem"(problem meaning the the homophobics of course).
That's why we think before we talk.
A,what Anti-Fags call,stupid and immature 16 year old kid who knows nothing at all.
(Like this is not the society we live in.And I am the stupid and immature,of course.)