friendship is so fucking important if uu have a shity life as mine. i had a best friend:*selma*, she was my very best and close friend, i mean, DAMN she is other half, my sister, soulmate,twin,my demon and my angel, my mother, almost everything. i loved her so so much until she became my heart, my world.but i was like a stupid girl with her, i didn't show her how much i love her, i acted like i did not give a shit about her, i dumpt her for a stupid silly boy she used to love him, she told me that she don't give a shit about any boy and she just care about me, but i did not listen at all.i just kept giving him love while she is giving mee love, until one day she just gone, she left without saying a thing and then i realized that i was caring and giving love to the wrong person, and when i realized it was too late to tell her. i have this bad feeling when i see her new bestfriend and holding her hands or huging her, i guess its jealousy. i guess i don't deserve her. but i swear, i have never loved a person like this, i guess this is what true love means, i mean, i tried so many times to have other bestfriends, but the feeling that i used to feel when she is aroud is gone. i wish i can go back to the past and fix what i did. selma, uu will always be my true bff my true love. i know everything about uu, i know that uu hate milk, uu adore chips and ice cream, i know everything about uu, but the only thing that i did not know, is how much uu loved me, i really am stupid, we went out together, did stupid stuff and cried together and i did not notice. all i wanna say is: SORRY. so every one i really don't want uu to lose uur best friend cause it worth more than gold... chama elfaqir