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Since my first article got such great feedback I am doing another one! This one is going to be about Fall Essentials to make YOUR Fall even cozier!

Room Decor

Decorate your room with fall // halloween themed stuff (pumpkins, leaves etc.) and also rusty colors like orange and red! It will set you in the mood for fall :)

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Fairy Lights look so cute and give your room a whole another look! It's also such a relaxing atmosphere

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Candles are a MUST HAVE! Not only do they look great but the awesome scents warm your body and soul

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Blankets are a must! While reading a book or watching a Halloween movie you can cozy up in your fluffy blanket !

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You can cook and bake so many things that are fall themed! Not to forget you can meet up with your friends and do it together! Here are some ideas:

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Cinnamon Rolls
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Halloween themed donuts (would be great for a party)
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Pumpkin pie
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Pumpkin Pancakes
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Pumpkin Spice Latte (duh)
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Halloween Cookies
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That's it with this article! If you enjoy what I post follow me ! I will post a two other Fall articles because I really enjoy these but for know I have to study ugh. Bye!