So the nineties were a pretty damn cool era in time to live in. There was amazing clothing, amazing music, hot as heck guys that made me want to sell them my soul, but most importantly the 90's was home to some totally GROUND breaking movies (at least in my opinion). So here is a short list compiled of some of the greatest movies from the era, these are movies that not only inspire creativity, but make for a pretty great flick.

1.) Pulp Fiction

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Where do I literally begin with this film. Quentin Tarantino is an absolute theatric genius! Not only does he convey his creativity in his movie pieces, but his every day life too has helped him to form the creative ways that he has when making movies (He totally went to prison and became inspired by his experiences there, instead of going to film school). Pulp Fiction is an amazing mixture of romance, violence, an absolutely ICONIC dance scene, hot people AND an amazing playlist. 10/10 a piece of movie gold.

2.) Romeo + Juliet

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Okay, but this is honestly a piece of literal art this film, I tell you that! In this modernised adaptation of a Shakespearean classic, Romeo and Juliet are a pair of star-crossed lovers in a cool ass place called Verona Beach. Baz Lurhman being the directorial genius he is, has kept the shakespearean dialogue of the original play, but set it in a 90's context. So basically a lot of 90's nostalgia and fashion makes this movie great. AND let us not forget that Leonardo DiCaprio was at his absolute peak in this film, I mean he is GORGEOUS! The film is great, it's beautiful, it's sad, it's unique and it's a film worth watching.

3.) Clueless

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I don't think there is any girl in this world that hasn't watched Clueless, or at least heard about the movie by now. I mean HELLO, Cher Horowitz is absolutely iconic. The movie Clueless is an adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Emma, and the rest is history. Clueless has shown me what it was truly like to live as a teenage girl in the 90' least being a rich one. This movie taught me a few things in fact. It taught me that blonde highlights are something I NEED to have done to my hair, that Calvin Klein dresses are fabulous, and most importantly that doing something for someone else is SO much better than getting something in return. I will love this movie till the end of time, god bless.

4.) Trainspotting

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Now this movie isn't for everybody. I won't lie, it's somewhat morbid, and it really shows the dark side of having a drug addiction. But if you think about it, these types of problems need to be shown to the public, to show how bad these issues are. BUT despite that aspect of the movie, this film is totally great, Ewan McGregor does an absolutely amazing job in his role, and I can't honestly describe just how good this movie is. It's a cult classic, everyone should watch it....BUT NOT IF YOU'RE UNDER 15.

5.) Jawbreaker

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Okay but HOLY HECK this movie is SOOOOO underrated. This movie, in my opinion, tops mean girls. It takes "evil bitch" to a whole new level! Everyone wants to be popular in high school (not me I couldn't care less) but MANY do. This film shows just how extreme girls will go to maintain popularity and be seen as "perfect". I'm not gonna ruin the movie, but basically there's some death, there's some deceiving, there's an ICONIC makeover scene, an ICONIC slow-motion entrance scene, a hot Rose Mcgowan and some amazing fashion sense. All in all, this film needs the appreciation in which it lacks.

Anyways dudes, I could make this list endless, but I already talk way too much as it is. So enjoy these films, and if you've already seen them all, then binge watch them again!