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"Ivy hoped her situation would be as clear as the sky above them. She closed her eyes and let the air escape her lungs."

Chapter 4

"Hey come back you brick!"

Ivy shot around to see who was shouting and her gaze collided into a pair of brown eyes. The guy was waving his hand above him like crazy and the glasses that sat atop the bridge of his nose were tilted. He was wearing an old t-shirt with a band logo on it and his hair was like a birds nest. Ivy and Mary exchanged meaningful glances, before Ivy approached the guy.

"Hey, is everything okay?" she asked carefully. The guy met her eyes and fixed his glasses smiling nervously.

"Yes- I mean no! That jerk just took my phone", he stuttered. "I was just there minding my own business- not harming anyone in any way- when he sat next to me and started talking. Just talking about some pointless stuff like weather. I mean who even talks about weather anymore, it's 2017? And before I even noticed he had taken my phone and was rushing out of the cafe. I mean who does that? What did I ever do to him?"

What a coincidence! Or was it?

"Hey look, I'll give you my number. Give me a call when you get your phone back", Ivy said and wrote her number on a napkin. She handed the napkin to the guy who took it a bewildered look on his face.

"And if I don't get my phone back, can I call you anyway?" he asked standing now a little bit straighter than before.

"Trust me, you'll get your phone back", Ivy said. The guy opened his mouth to say something but closed it when nothin came out. The he nodded quickly and left to go back into the coffee shop.

"He was trying to flirt Ivy, you could have at least smiled", Mary said laying her hand on Ivy's shoulder. Ivy frowned.

"I didn't even notice", she said turning to Mary.

"Well of course you didn't", Mary responded smiling sympathetically.

"And he's more like a nerdy little brother, not really my type", Ivy defended herself.

"Sure. But how do you know he'll get his phone back?"

"I don't, I just hope he does."

She lifted her face towards the blue sky. There wasn't a single wisp of cloud to be seen, only light blue sky as far as the eye could see. Ivy hoped her situation would be as clear as the sky above them. She closed her eyes and let the air escape her lungs.