Hello, sweethearts!
As I'm interested in writing articles here on We Heart It, I was thinking about what I should write about. I read many great articles already, about fashion, about life, about healthy lifestyle, some poems and deep thoughts, and I really wanted to bring something new here. So, here are Things that I love to do with my boyfriend!

❁ Staying in bed all day

I love doing that on my own too, but when I'm with him, it's even better. We can talk, we can watch movies, we can listen to the music, or something even better than that... (I won't talk about it, because I know that half of WHI is younger than 15 years. lol)

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❁ Talking for hours about trivial things

"Do you think my right leg is shorter than my left one?"
"I think my cat is weird. Look how she's stalking me."
"Is cheeseburger better with or without gherkin?"
"I can't focus on kissing you, that spider on the wall is watching us."
"It's colorful and you can't see it. What is it? Buried crayons."

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❁ Imaginating our future

Nothing's funnier than planning our dream house, job and family! (Note: He wants a boy, I want a girl.)

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❁ Watching films in the evening

Warm bed, delicious popcorn and bae. Is there any better way how to spend rainy evening? The only problem is that we don't have the same taste on films. He prefer comedies, I prefer horrors. (But he's too scared to watch them with me, huh.)

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❁ Driving without purpose

We often just drive somewhere without any purpose or final place. And it's even better when we drive at night. Just the two of us, dark all around the car and quiet engine sound.

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❁ Cuddles & warm hugs

Even if you're grumpy type of person, warm hugs and cuddles with your partner are the most special moments in your life. When I'm cold or scared, there is no better place than my boyfriends arms. It's the place where I feel safe and loved.

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❁ Giving unexpected gifts to each other

See my boyfriend smiling makes me happy. That's why I'm always trying to surprise him somehow. Even if it's just a short text saying how much I love him or some small gift (like food that he likes, something that I know he needs etc.).

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❁ Spontaneous trips

"I would love to go camping."
"Alright, so we're going to camp tonight."
Spontaneous trips are one of my favorite. Doesn't matter if it's spontaneous journey to supermarket or spontanous camping. I like that feeling of being unprepared.

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❁ Cooking

Of course that order food is much easier than actually cook it. But trust me, if you make something for your bae, or if your bae make something for you, it'll taste even better because it was made with love! Doesn't matter if those pancakes won't be tasty.

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❁ Eating

I am food lover. And so is my boyfriend. We gave up dieting and trying to loose weight. Pizza is pizza, and we love it!

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❁ Fighting (those fights where you already know who's the winner)

To be honest, we are together almost 2 year and we never had a real fight. But... I am hyperactive after eating sugar, and my boyfriend is the easiest target, because he just don't fight back. I can tickle him, I can bite him, I can torture him, and he do nothing about it. That's why I always win. Hahaha

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I was always that type of person who likes to be single, until I met a boy who changed my life. I met someone who taught me how to love myself, how to smile in times of misery. We never had a fight, we never thought about leaving each other. I've started being addicted to him. I'm feeling empty when he's not around me, I feel full of happiness when he's holding me in his arms.

Being single is good. But feeling that you belong to someone is much better.
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I learned how to enjoy life fully, I know how it feels being loved. You don't know what it is, until you meet the right person. It takes time.
For example: My boyfriend have fallen in love with for the first time he saw me. But It wasn't that easy with me. To be honest, I hated him at the beggining. He was so smart and full of smart thoughts and he used to tell me what I should and should not do. But then I started dating one boy who always lied to me, alcohol, parties, and friends were more important to him than me. I was upset and felt lonely... fortunately Simon (Šimon in my language) helped me get through all of this stuff, and as we became friends, I started to like him more and more. Now, he's my boyfriend, best friend and someone who I trust the most (right after my family). I'm so glad that I had a chance to meet him. Without him, I would be lost.

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If you're still here, not bored as hell, I would love to thank you for reading my article. It's longer than I actually thought it will be, but I hope that it is not a problem. If you have time and want to read some inspirational stuff, go there: (It's really good!)
See you again! xo

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