Hey guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. One of my very good friends had 18th birthday party this weekend so I got some ideas for this article, I hope you will like it and Thanks again. Names are, of course, replaced. Enjoy :-)

I went outside to breath a bit colder, fresher air. I took a few steps towards the darkness of the night when Kate called on me. I turned around, looked in her direction and came there. But she wasn't alone. She was with this guy, Daniel, who introduced himself to me just about 15 minutes ago. He was cute.
I asked her what she wants and Daniel answered instead of her while holding shots of vodka: "She doesn't want to drink with me." He was looking at me with this hope in his eyes, begging me to drink with him, so I did. Kate left and we suddenly were alone, standing so close to each other. Our faces literally a few centimeters apart, looking to each other's eyes for minutes without interruption and then, he just leaned back, so I left.

After an hour, when I was sitting next to my friend Savannah, he came to tell me he is about to leave and kissed me on my forehead. It was so sweet and innocent I was in shock, he went out of the room and I turned my head to Savannah. She was is shock as well.
"Did he just...?" I asked.
"Yeah he did." she answered with the biggest smile ever.
I went out after him and told him not to leave. After some convincing he did not. I liked that he was there, even when I saw he was flirting with 2 other girls.
Suddenly his arms were around me. I hardly remembered how we got ourselves into this situation but I loved it. I loved the feeling when he was holding me. I missed this way to much to turn around and leave him there.
We slow-danced in each other's arms and after a while we were just hugging for about an hour when the birthday girl, Lisa, came with blame in her eyes and asked me "Hey, RC, are you hitting on my cousin?" I froze for a moment but then when I saw completely relaxed facial expression on Daniel's face I felt relieved and answered "Maybe.." and she started to laugh. I ignored her from now on, so she left.
Me and Daniel ended up looking deeply in each other's eyes again, looking like we're about to kiss. But at that moment my friend Ethan, who was hugging his girlfriend, started to yell "Kiss! Kiss!" at us, so Daniel looked at him and destroyed whatever connection we had for a moment. I wanted to kill Ethan right there.
But then Daniel took me in his arms again, whispering to my ear: "RC, you are so sweet, I like you so much." and we stood there for 10 minutes. I couldn't believe my ears.
Later he took a step back, still holding me with one hand and started whispering "RC, you deserve a better guy, I don't want to offend you, but I want this girl for the last 3 years and there's 70% possibility she wants me as well."
I knew it was screwed right in that moment, but we still held on to each other for a while.
When he was finally leaving, he hugged me three times as a goodbye.
It's a shame we haven't talked since then.

I hope you liked it. Sorry for all grammatical mistakes I made - I am not a native speaker.