Hello my little lovely licornes! ~

For today I prepared for you a review on a product made by brand Bioderma which is one of my the most favourite skincare brands. It was a coincidence that I actually got this product. Even I had wanted it for a longer time before, my mom was faster and she bought it for me herself. She found a package which contained this cleansing gel together with a moisturizing cream which I´ve been using for a few years now. It was really a big deal so she couldn´t hesitate and purchased it, haha. But thanks to her I got an opportunity to try it sooner than I actually expect to.

Bioderma Sébium Gel Moussant is a cleansing gel suited mostly for combination and oily skin which you can buy in three different packages - in a 200 ml one with a pump or in a tube or in a 500 ml one. It´s antibacterial, it doesn´t dry the skin and doesn´t contain any soap. It´s also hypoallergenic. Suited also for the men like a shaving foam. It contains Fluidactiv® complex which normalizes a quality and quantity of sebum.

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