I really like these challenges, so I decided, why not try a photography one

1. Colorful

city, girl, and goals image

2. Pretty in pink

pink, car, and aesthetic image

3. Chevron

cat, green, and door image

4. Cozy

home, bed, and bedroom image

5. Polka dots

dress, red, and vintage image

6. Creativity

amazing, art, and chile image

7. Bright white

amazing, desing, and braun image

8. Velvet

pink, home, and room image

9. Crisp

09, 70-200mm, and blur image

10. Darkness

Darkness, finland, and fog image

11. Neon

neon, swedish, and kärlek image
Love in Swedish

12. Soft violet

hair, girl, and flowers image

13. Decoration

home, white, and flowers image

14. Warm

love, couple, and fire image

15. Knit

winter, snow, and christmas image

16. Mixed

art, background, and colors image
I'm not quite sure if this is what they meant by "mixed"

17. Hint of green

white, plants, and cactus image

18. Contrast

dog, puppy, and snow image

19. Sheer

white image

20. Denim

bed, cute, and blond boy image

21. Pattern

Image by ℋℴ℘ℯ

22. Rainbow

cat, rainbow, and animal image

23. Cool teal

blue, turquoise, and theme image

24. Leaves

dog, autumn, and fall image

#25. Black as night

black, crow, and animal image

26. Metallic

snake, silver, and animal image

27. Swirls

abandoned, Roller Coaster, and fun image

28. Matte

car, pink, and bmw image

29. Fancy

house, luxury, and home image

30. Harvest orange

autumn, fall, and leaves image