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Dear Beautiful You,

The moment you opened your heart for God's love was the very moment where the devil started war against you. I don't mean war with guns and bloody horrible situations, but I mean a war in your mind. The war started with little thoughts in your head, like:

I will never be good enough

I'm ugly

God doesn't love me

I have sinned too much for God

I'm too far gone

God can't use someone like me

And like that, your thoughts go on and on and on and on with negativity you don't even wanted in the first place.

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Let me explain

The moment you chose God as your One True King into your life was the very moment where the devil saw you meant it. Your faith became stronger with your actions.

The devil can't stop your faith anymore, so he tries to stop your calling.

When you don't believe anything positive about yourself, God CAN'T use you for His purpose.

Well, try to convince me otherwise. I know, God can use anyone, but that's not what I try to tell you.
I see it like this: what is God wants to use you, as example, as a writer of great spiritual books for His glory? Would it be possible to write books like that without His help? Could you write anything gloryfying Him when you are hurted by your own thoughts?

God HAS a purpose for your life!
He has CALLED YOU for your calling with a reason!

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It doesn't have to end this way! We serve a God of miracles. He is the same He was yesterday and He will be the same tomorrow and forever!

A prayer you can pray with me if you want to:

Dear God
Thank You for loving me.
Thank You for NEVER giving up on me
Lord, I struggle with these thoughts in my mind which tell me I will never be good enough
Please, Lord, make them go away. Be my Protector
I rebuke every attack of the devil right now in the name of Jesus Christ
Set me free, Lord
Fill me up with Your Holy Spirit, which I need so desperately
In Jesus' name

Feel free to send me a message or a question about God!

God bless!