It isn't new to me. Nothing surprises me anymore, it's like I've seen it a thousand times.
People leaving,
Things going wrong,
Sudden changes.

She left. I didn't do anything wrong to her, and she left me. FOR NO REASON.
She isn't the only one who has left me, but this time I don't know the reason as to why she left me, and why the hell did she tell her friends to not talk to me, too?
There are these unanswered questions in my mind, keeping me up at nights where I try to find myself and my mistakes, and where I wasn't just-enough for her and her friends? All of this brings me back to square one. I've been trying to fight this alone for so long, and I've been trying so hard to fit in, but life has this funny habit of falling me out every damn time.
She was the one who introduced me to these tablets for a migraine, and I felt beyond lucky for that. She was the one, I made my Friday plans with. She was the one, I actually had fun talking to.
She just doesn't remember it now. Or maybe she doesn't want to.
How can she forget all of that, and be OKAY? How can she? Because I can't, and I never will.

-I never will forget people who left me, because I wasn't enough.