Hello everyone ! Once again, I want to thank you so much for your feedback to my articles ! I don't except that... But now I'm really motivated to make anothers articles about kpop !
Today I will make an article to help to choose a bias in your favorite group. I now sometimes it can be really difficult to choose a bias because all the members of the group are really talented and really beautiful !
This is not an official method but it's just the tricks to me, I hope it will help you! :)

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True story, isn't it ?

"What is a bias?"

In Kpop, the member of an idol group that is your favorite. A person may have one ultimate bias, and many other biases from other idol groups, or only have one ultimate bias. This term is derived from "having a bias towards a particular person."

Watch all the clips of the group!

My first trick is watch the clips, watch all members. Maybe the voice or beauty of a member will attract you more. When you see him in a clip, you blush and smile stupidly. For me, it works like this generally. When I heard D.O's voice for the first time I immediately felt like an electroshock, I said to myself, it is him and it will remain so! ♥‿♥

Find somes informations about the members!

Maybe you have somes communs points with your future bias, this can help you decide faster! Same age, same passions, same humor, same zodiac sign. Maybe you have the same personality as your bias! It brings you closer to him and it makes you want to give him even more love. You imagine with him, talking about the same subject that both of you are passionate about!

When you look at him, you act like it's your true love!

When you hear it or you see it, your reaction is abused. Your little heart crumbles! There is only your bias that can make you crazy at that point even your current boyfriend does not compete with him! When you watch a live or a variety show, you only look at him, you just look forward to it appear and start talking ! When he smiles at the camera, you die instantly.

Your bias one thing more than other members, you alone can put the name on it!

When you present your bias, you do it with passion and love, you praise its merits, all its qualities, you do not find him any fault ! You could make his biography! You could talk about him for many hours !

Let me present you my bias in my favorite groups: (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

EXO > Kyungsoo ♥

I love his voice, I love everything about him, he is so adorable, but at the same time, his voice is so sexy, his contrast with him. He takes care of others, his laughter makes me melt. in short, I could make a novel about my love.

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I love you.
BTS > Suga ♥

I have to admit that I had difficulty to choose a bias in this superb group, I love all members, they are all super talented and all fun! But the trigger of the choice of my bias was when Suga released his mixtape. I also think I could get along with him, we have the same personality!

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Should we married ?
GOT7 > Jackson ♥

Jackson is a boy full of talents, and especially very fun, that's what made me crack and moreover, I love his deep voice ! I find it very manly. I also think we could get along and laugh at the same things.

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Perfection babe.
Blackpink > Lisa ♥

I love this girl, already, we are the same age, she very cute, she takes care of other girls, her smile is really adorable and she is doing very well in rap and singing! She is simple and natural. How not to love her?

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My girl.
Red Velvet > ¯_| ✖ 〜 ✖ |_/¯

It's the only group where I can not bring myself and frankly it gets my angry ! I love every members in this group ! I just can't choose ... It's too hard for me. I need more time to choose I think. I hesite a lot between Wendy cause I love her voice, Joy cause she's beautiful and her voice is perfect and Irène for the same reasons ! Arg. I'm still waiting to make the right decision. Don't worry Reveluv.

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OT5 forever my girls.

Like usually, I hope you have enjoy the article ! :)