Inspired by an anime show 'Little Witch Academia' covers a simplified message after the last episode and second season release in 2017. This show has given me the strength, courage, positivity, and overall message for the entire series is, "work hard for your dreams, yet don't let people take away yours. Continue to persevere, and put in the effort for only yourself." Also, in order to change the world, transform yourself, even you don't want to change it's all right. Because you can always focus on yourself for the good.

Whenever it comes to opinions, criticism, and crude words don't take them to light. But, remember it's okay to feel because that what makes everyone human. Also, taking risks is a good thing if something comes in your way then take action. In addition, be careful what you post online, because what else you put into your own words will be made public. In a sense when peoples energy, dreams, and feelings are submerged with electronics will show your inner self as human being.

Last, of all, the reason I want to share this is for the reason, this anime has been giving me the light to continue persevering, put in my effort by continuing to try for the best. And, work either hard or smart for your dreams to come true. Takes patience, discipline, risk-taking, and much more. Expand yourself and subconscious if you want to focus on your mental health. I'm rooting for you all! =3