Hey hey hey!

So I think that everyone is asked this question at some point in their lives, and most of the time, it's way too early. I mean I'm just chilling on the swings singing some songs about how my friend kicked her boyfriend down to Scotland then down to Wales (it's a Britain thing) and then some friend of my mum asks me "So what do you want to be when you grow up?" Oh geez, I don't know Margeret I guess not an adult, that's for sure.

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For me, the answer tends to change a lot. I wanted to be an artist when I was seven but then an artist I met was like "lol no don't do that lmao paint as like a side job" so I decided to be an architect but at the time I wasn't really into maths and then people would say architects are mostly jobless (bear in mind I'm eight here!!!! Like thank you for the career advice but I don't even know that a heart doesn't actually look like a love heart at the moment) so this carried on until I took interest in jobs that were less free and more suited to capitalism. At the moment I want to become a CEO for an important firm and bring a little humanity into manufacturing like with decent wages and kindness, unbelievable, I know.

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Could've been me!

But the thing is, I don't think that's even that important. No matter what we do to earn a piece of paper, I think it's more important that we're where we want to be as a person. I mean, sure, I want to be a CEO, you want to be a _____ but how do you want to be?

Yes, I know it seems all 90's adolescent movie crap but I'm serious, sure you need money to survive but I think we can all establish that too much of it doesn't change happiness. After all, we live our daily lives and for us, the big plans take time to happen. So I would rather live my daily life being happy, doing the things I love and living life.

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Some people want a cute, warm house with a picket fence and some people want a grand, luxurious villa. What about you?

I think wherever you are at life, now that you're reading this you should just take a minute to find what makes you happy. This isn't a whole do the job you want thing, but you can do that too!!! It's just find what little things make you happy, what hobbies truly fill you with serenity and joy and think about how you can implement those things into your life because I truly think it's much more important to have small moments of joy than to have long periods of pride.

After you know that, think of how you want yourself to feel when you're five years ahead, ten years ahead. Do you want to feel calm? Happy? Excited? Or even busy or productive? Do you want to spend your day making someone smile, or do you want to spend your day petting animals? It doesn't matter what, but it should make you say "Life is beautiful." because after all, that's what life's about.

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This lil' guy is thinking too! I think he wants to spend every day running around and then getting treats for no particular reason.