Hey! I'm Anni from finland and I'm 15. I'm 9th grade and school is not hard for me but it is not easy either:D I have natural red hair and I'm trying to grow a long hair so if you have good advice how to grow long hair fast, I would be so happy:)
I like photography and all kind of sport. I like to shoot all kind of views and people. I have took pictures to my sister and the pictures are turned out to be pretty good. I like drawing but I'm not very good at it.
I like listening people's problems and solve them. I like to listen to people in general. I'm perhaps more a listener than a speaker. if you are interested in being my new friend, you can contact me here or in Instagram @anni__mari__ or Snapchat @annnii10. It could be fun if you could teach me a new language. I can speak English and Finnish. At school I need to learn Swedish but I'm so bad at it. If you know Swedish, it would be nice if you could teach me so I can get better grades at school:D