Right now - alex g
- about this girls ex boyfriend who never cared and never treated her right who now comes back into her life wanting her again.

Does she know - astrid s
- about this girl whos been doing things with this guy and catching feelings but he hasnt ended it with his current girlfriend

All for love - madison beer
- this girl has been through hell in her current relationship but she pushes through and gives him chance after chance because of love

I hate love - desmond dennis
- this relationship this guy is in is full of missing her when shes gone, wanting to be with her, loving her and giving everything and its hard bc he loves her so much

Its you - zayn malik
- this girl doesnt give a damn about him but he loves her anyway

STFU & hold me - liz hueitt
- this girl says the reason this relationship has problems is because this guy worries too much and talk to much

Like I did - shane harper
- this boy sees his ex acting all happy with her new man and he basically is telling her that " he cant give you all the magic that we had"

Someone's somebody - jasmine thompson
- she just got out of a relationship with someone and he is already with someone else and she doesnt want him to be

Squeeze - fifth harmony
- a sweet love song about a girl not wanting anything but to my held tight by this boy she loves

Wish you the best - blackbear
- this guy is salty af because he gave everything to this girl and he wants the best for her but he is the best

ariana grande. duh.
post malone
big sean
cher lloyd
and more!!