these are a few of my personal favourite albums that came out late 2016 and into 2017. it's quite rare that i actually like all (or even most of) the songs on an album, but this year was a really great year for music, and i found myself falling in love with a ton of amazing albums.
here are my selections, in no particular order.

I See You // the xx

the xx has been one of my favourite bands for ages; something about the way their voices sound together singing beautiful lyrics mixed with the often haunting electronic beats really gets to me.

recommended songs:
-i dare you
-on hold
-say something loving
-a violent noise

How to be a Human Being // Glass Animals

glass animals is also a go-to for me, ever since the song 'gooey' appeared on my spotify back in 2014. they have a truly unique sound, filled with electronic beats, unexpected sound effects and nonsensical lyrics. however, this album is far more profound lyric-wise, as each song was written based on a certain made-up character's life, crossed with stories they heard from people they met on tour. it's truly a genius album, and i listen to it on vinyl all the time.

recommended songs:
-season 2, episode 3
-life itself
-pork soda
-mama's gun

What Now // Sylvan Esso

sylvan esso has an amazing sound, and her last album holds a lot of emotion for me; a soundtrack to a really good time in my life. this album was instantly one of my favourites.

recommended songs:
-just dancing
-kick jump twist
-slack jaw

Ti Amo//Phoenix

i love phoenix. their sound is just so quintessentially indie to me, and they are one of the first indie bands i really got into. i recently had the pleasure of seeing them live, and i cannot even describe how amazing they were. i was already pumped, but they surpassed even my highest expectations.

recommended songs:
-ti amo
-fior di latte
-role model
-goodbye soleil

melodrama// lorde

lorde is honestly a goddess in all regards, and subsequently my idol. pure heroine's lyrics truly spoke to me at a somewhat dark time in my life, and is still one of my all-time favourites. my best friend and i are going to see her in concert next year and i cannot even contain my excitement. when i discovered melodrama's release date, i set my alarm and listened to the whole thing on repeat, completely awestruck. i honestly don't even know if i can choose only a handful of songs to recommend... they're all masterpieces.

recommended songs:
-writer in the dark
-hard feelings/loveless
-homemade dynamite
-liability (reprise)

Sleep Well Beast//The National

this album only just came out, but it's already found a way into my heart. i also saw the national in concert last year, and can honestly say it was one of the best shows i've seen. i love his deep voice, the sometimes heartbreaking lyrics and occasional upbeat tempo. the national is one of those bands i'll probably never outgrow or get tired of listening to.

recommended songs:
-nobody else will be there
-day i die
-i'll still destroy you
-guilty party

ultralife// oh wonder

i discovered the duo a few years ago on spotify when i heard their song drive, and kept adding their songs to my library until eventually i realized i had the whole album. i also saw them in concert, and they were absolutely lovely. this album also had me very excited, and instantly played it all the way through once it came out, it has a very chill but upbeat sound.

recommended songs:


i feel like i keep saying it, but i have loved these guys for a while, too. everything they do, i automatically love. the only problem with this album is that i wish it were longer so i could have more alt-j in my life! this came out in the winter/spring time (march, maybe?) so now i always associate it with that period of time. i'd love to see them live one day.

recommended songs:
-in cold blood
-house of the rising sun
-last year

young// overcoats

i love this album so much. it's really a chill album, and i fell in love with their voices and how they sound together. so much so that when it first came out, i listened to it all the time. like, seriously. one day i listened to it 4 times in a row. they were at a festival i was going to and i was so bummed that i missed the first half their set because i was stuck in traffic. the part that i did see was a really great time, though.

recommended songs:
-hold me close
-leave the light on
-nighttime hunger
-the fog

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