Hello My Little Fellows,

Its me, your cult leader, Speckledmutt. As of right now it is September the ninth and San Antonio, Texas, has received its first cold front. And I can't explain how happy I am at this very moment. In my first writing about myself I kinda talked about how I love colder weather, well I forgot to mention that my favorite time of he year is autumn and my favorite holiday is Halloween.

It really matches my personality and I love the smell in the air, the leaves scattered around the lawn, spooky decoration everywhere. And yes I know that my Specklemutt board is filled with nothing but cherry blossoms, ripped jeans, and soft colors. But when autumn season comes around I'm nothing but horror film fanatic, wearing oversized sweaters, kicking leaves around.

I know its only September and I have to wait for October to come, but that doesn't mean that I cant prepare alone in my room like the hermit I truly am.

Well I'm glad to share more about me. Bye my mellow fellows.