Happiness is better if you divide it in two,
And mine is the biggest,
When i share it with you

Feeling down?
Look into my heart
Forget about that frown
And I'll let you know -
we'll never be apart

Sunshine and flowers,
But what do i do?
Days are brighter if
Made for two

And when it's dark at night,
Look at the stars, the only thing you can see
You'll know they shine almost as bright
As something the world will remember -
it's you and me

Let's walk by the sea
I'll take you to the shore
Turn around and look at me
I promise you won't need nothing more

Time goes by, fairytales end
But one thing you know - i could never pretend
Look at the stars, look how they shine
Oh, how i wish you could've always been mine

But there's one thing the world won't forget,
One thing i'll never regret
One thing made only for two,
Nothing else, but the way i loved you.