Hello everyone! ~

It´s already September - can you believe it?! Even I will be attending my uni on the 18th of September, I already started to buy some stuff for another year. One of the primal things I wanted and needed was a bigger backpack. For the first uni year, I had been mainly carrying there a small pink backpack and also handbags from time to time. Since I saw my new timetable for the next year, I decided to buy a bigger backpack. I will be spending almost the whole days at university so I need to carry more stuff with me understand food than the last year. Fortunately, I found an interesting one on Sammydress.com. BTW, did you also notice a new Sammydress´s design? It´s so cool! But back to the point - I ordered 4 Pieces Briaded Backpack Set in a pink colour. Very clever because instead of buying only one item, you got 4 and paid for the only one!

Clutch came together with a thin chain strap so you can also carry it like a crossbody bag. In the middle there is a tiny bow which makes the clutch a bit more interesting. It´s an ordinary clutch so don´t expect it to be very spacious.

This smaller one I will be using as a wallet. It also came together with a small strap for better clutch. It has the same ribbon in the middle too.

I was very happy when I got this case together with another stuff. I already have one but it´s a bit bigger and I like this smaller more. It doesn´t take a lot of space, you have there everything together and it has a button closing too.

As I mentioned before, backpack is a medium size one and I chose it in a pink colour. Inside there is a tiny pocket at the back. Bigger one is in front. Straps are the adjustable ones. It´s a pretty spacious backpack which I´m really satisfied with. Material is something like a leather imitation so it should be a bit water resistant too.

My order contained a few more things. Because of the backpack, I ordered a big unicorn pompom keychain too. I will put it on a zip or somewhere to make the backpack look more pretty, haha. Or I will put it on my keys.

Butterfly Shape Street Snap Plain Sunglasses were the third item in a package. I chose them in a gold colour and their design is a really plain one. I had wanted them for quite while, so when I saw them on Sammydress, I didn´t hesitate a second! I have to say, that even they´re very pretty, they´re really big too. I also tried to adjust them a bit, but they´re still too big and loose, so they fall down of my nose all the time. What a pity.

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