I'm Silia and I'm about to be 20 y/o. I have been on weheartit for quite some time now. I'm in uni, I love traveling (even if I cant afford it haha), music (like who doesnt! My list of artists that I like is very long haha), tv series (I'm a freak. So many shows. Some are Grey's Anatomy, H50, NCISLA, Arrow, Suits, 13ry, Blindspot, TBBT, PLL, Stranger Things....), photography and I love movies, any kind, and right now I don't have a favorite song. Animal person, with a thing for cats!
Also, I support equality. After all, love wins. I hate how our world have turned to be, but thank God, there are good moments too.
I have been struggling with self issues quite some time now and I just wanted to say that you are not alone.
Oh, I also have a blog, and Im trying to be better at that haah (http://mylatenightthoughtsx.blogspot.gr/) ALso, check out my collections if you want.
So that's all. Be kind to others, it costs nothing.

Have a great day/night.