1) Write.

You can write whatever you want.A short story,a poem, a song..
Or just your thoughts.You will feel surprised after reading what you wrote down. You will express yourself and even realise stuff about yourself you had no idea you were hiding this whole time.
So grab a pen and a notebook and start writing !

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2)Read a book.

Books can change you.
Especially a really good book.Before reading one make sure to ask your friends if they liked it or you can just see the reviews online.
Go to the nearest bookshop and grab some really good books !

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3)Watch a movie.
Depending on your mood you can choose a movie to watch.
Drama,romance,sci-fi?Whatever you want.Even a disney movie.
Go ahead,the child inside of you is waiting !

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Cooking may not be your thing but you can find some quite easy recipes online and make something truly delicious.
Just try not to set your house on fire.

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5)Redecorate your room.

Sometimes you just want a change.
Start from your bedroom for example.
Creativity is the only thing you need.

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6)Go swimming.

Water will calm you down.You can go to the sea,a lake or even a pool.
Wear your swimwear and have fun !

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7)Work out.

Working out will help you both physically and emotionally.
After working out you will feel better.Try it !

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8)Go and feed the homeless animals at the streets.

If you can't adopt one,then at least go and give them some food.
They need your help.

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9)Make a playlist.

You can make an Autumn playlist for example now that Autumn is here.

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10)Go out for a coffee with an old friend.

Try it out!Be bold to call him. And if he is not available? Don't worry,other people will be.

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Bonus tip.

You can try different make-up styles,wear different kind of clothes,change your hair a little bit and see what suits you best.

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And if you have already done all of those stuff?Just grab your camera and go capture the world.

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