when we were younger we all wanted to be batman/batwomen or Spiderman/spiderwomen,etc.Because we were all taught that being THOSE heroes are awesome and cool or whatever but we were never taught that besides Spiderman Batwomen we were the heroes we could change the world and another thing don't get me wrong or anything but haven't you ever notice that even OUR schools taught us to go by there rules and in our schools we can't be ourselves cause if we were talkative or the "weird ones" we would get different attention then the cheerleaders or the dancers or etc. But I mean thats society we really can't be ourselves cause if we really all could be ourselves don't you think this world would be so different I mean you don't have to agree with me cause no one will ever admit this but its the truth.

-Natali Kathem

p.s if this doesn't really make sense I'm only 12 but I mean its okay I guess