Beyond wishing to tread precious places someday, when I came to a season where I could think more about myself and others, I realized that I do not just want to be in a country, or place.

I realized that I wanted the possibility of travel in the minds of people.

To discover that it exists beyond the faces, the eyes, the words, a language, a color different from one's own.

One of the places I most want to travel to is the mind of other people. to know their deepest desires, the pain behind their smiles and their tears, their past, and their future, the reasons why they are that way.

I want to bare your mind, your soul, and to arrive at a spiritual understanding that allows to understand the reason of the human being.

Undoubtedly, Italy, France, Germany, England and many other corners on earth that are precious would like to be, but the most interesting, complicated and entangled place in which I wish could be, is the mind of the human.