„What‘s the point in being alive if you don‘t at least try to do something remarkable?“ says John Green, one of the most loved authors and youtubers of today, in his book „An Abundance Of Katherines“. Most of us are not living and we don't even realise that. We're surviving. Sadly, many people are just surviving everyday to get to the evening or to reach the weekend. The time has come to change that. Here is your 4 steps to become the Queen/King of your world:

1.Wake up and find a reason to start your day with a smile

It‘s raining? Amazing, what a romantic weather! You just made coffee? Wow, now that’s a treat!

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2.Make time to find out what you really love

If you are not sure what you enjoy doing, try a bunch of activities! Take your free time and try a new hobby everyday. Bake on Monday, ride a bicycle on Tuesday, write or read on Wednesday, sing on Thursday!

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3.Make a list of your dreams

Take out that old notebook that you don’t use because it’s too pretty and make it your goal book. Write everything you want to achieve in life. Sure, it wont take a whole notebook but the pages that are left can be filled up with stories about your achievements.

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This is probably what people hear a lot but do little. So make yourself a promise that from today you’re going to do your best, because the best don’t rest (I’m joking, they do but not today). You don’t want to find that notebook empty after five years, now do you? wink

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To become a boss of your own life is exhausting, hard but it is also rewarding. It comes with a huge salary: happiness.

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