Are you 13 years old or older and you want to do rhythmic Gymnastics, but there is nowhere to go? Here, you will be able to learn the basics of rhythmic Gymnastics.


1. Improve your flexibility. In order to do this safely, buy knee pads.
2.Stretch from top to bottom, neck, shoulders, arms, waist, hamstrings, the rest of legs, wrists, and ankles.
3.Learn how to do cartwheels, splits, Pirouettes, and tricks with the apparatus. Search them up on the internet.
4.Stay in this beautiful sport and be dedicated. You never know what you could accomplish in life.
5.Do your makeup and hair like you are going to enter a competition and it might be useful for future use!
6.Buy apparatuses and make up a routine for each of them.
7.Learn Ballet. This is where part of the gracefulness comes from.
8.Stretch for at least 4 times a week.
9.If someone says that your dream is impossible, etc. , don't start thinking that that is true, because it's not. Don't get discouraged by anybody.
10.Remember to have fun as well!😊
11.Never give up no matter what, and keep practicing.
12.Love your sport. Love your coach no matter what they say. Think in your head they just want to make you better. Love your friends in gymnastics too.