Hi cuties! I know I take a lot of time to finish my seven article toward women in Islam, but it's coming! Even, I will do more but about Islam in general. I hope you like them! Some of them are a little bit more personnal and others article are just to help people know better. As a muslim, I believe it is important to know about our religion and hope it will give a better idea to people that aren't muslim.
Anyways, on this article, I will share my favorite quotes toward muslim women.
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- People will continue to judge you but there's no need to worry when you know in your heart that Allah knows your intentions.

- In a world full of Kardashians aspire to be a Khadijah.

- Learn patience from Asiyah, loyalty from Khadijah, purity from Maryam, sincerity form A'ishah, steafastness from Fatimah.


- Clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

- When a muslim girl is born: she become a reason for her father to enter paradise. When she grows up and marries a man: she complete half of his religion. When she becomes a mother: paradise will be under her feet. This is the status of our women in Islam.