A small reflection...


We all do it.Some more than others.
And my mind goes so far beyond the stars and the moon,that I constantly have trouble coming back to the reality that surrounds me.All my thoughts and hopes consume my inner body,where I create my own little magical world.A world where I am safe.But then it vanishes.Now all the precious and wonderful thoughts have gone away, no where to be seen.Just.Like.That.In a split moment they leave my body and let the horrible thoughts in.And as I try to put the pieces back together,I lay in the darkness.The darkness that takes my innocence away.The darkness that wont let me breathe,that wont let me live.and then it begins.The fight between myself and my mind.Fighting for another chance.For a chance to feel normal once again.But as it happens each time,I loose.Oh but I see the light.The wonderful shimmering light of hope.I suddenly have the strength to fight.It suddenly takes over my mind,filling it with the will to live.And so it starts,the cycle of the never ending fight between myself and my mind.How can it be though?How is it possible to be your own enemy?To constantly fight with yourself?To question when will the battle end?And so I lay silently.Patiently.Wondering when I will be happy again.Wondering when did it get this bad?Questioning myself and everything I once knew.Asking myself how and what happened to the little girl I once knew.That little girl,the one who was happy,the one who didn't go crazy with all the thoughts her mind created, the one where she didn't have to play this game.where is she now?

Written by
Dayarimar Rodriguez

Song I recommend:
Inner Demons-Julia Brennan