12 years ago, I was nothing but an odd coward who locked himself in the basement whenever his parents fight, Who brought a book to read on his prom night because he had no date, No one wanted to be my date anyways, I was...weird and emotionally and mentally unstable, never had the chance to go check on my mental health, I spent my life dreaming of a bright future which would make up for the darkness i was in, the only thought that haunted my mind was "Tomorrow will be better" However it never was but that phrase was printed In the back of my head, Displayed in front of my eyes every night but on that day, 23th april 2005, I left....i can't really remember the time but all i know is that my time was up, no i wasn't sick, nor suicidal, I simply got hit by a damn icecream truck..Ironic I know.
Somehow, I didn't make it to neither heaven nor hell, But i did make it somewhere, I found myself laying on a roof, in the middle of sunset, I got up,dusted myself off and hopefully found a way down, I was walking down the streets, Admiring the lights, the sounds, the smell of fast-food and carbon dioxide, something seemed off, no not the hooded guy smoking what seems like a joint or some kind of drug, not the odd-looking santa but the cars, the fashion, hairstyles,even buildings i don't think I'm in 2005 anymore, Have i been in a coma for 12 years? But how come I haven't lost my memory? why was i on the roof? Am i 30 right now? I checked myself in one of the store's front glass door only to notice that I'm still in my bloody school uniform and to get knocked out by a rushing figure who was fast-walking and grumbling, "Watch where you're going, Punk!!" They spat not bothering to help me up nor apologise, I lifted myself up from the ground and sighed looking at where the person went off "Same old same old" "Are you okay?" someone spoke making me turn my head to them "Ah yeah I'm okay, haha" I replied with a nervous laugh and a thumb up, The person turned out to be a quite tall girl with short brown hair, soft features but shar almost grey eyes, tucked in shirt, black tights jeans and what seemed like a bag of carrots, She looked me up and down and tsked "Okay,my ass! let's get you to a hospital" and Dragged me by the wrist "Yah lady! what are you doing? are you crazy?" "Crazy enough to drag a stranger to a hospital? totally" And that's how i met Bo, 23 Y/o, a really strange Female with an obsession with carrots and strawberry milkshake.