Watching a friend turn into a stranger can be very painful,and maybe we can never completely heal the open wound they left after leaving us.I mean.the empty space that remains deep in your heart after they left,can't be filled in right away.It's gonna hurt.It's never easy to lose a friend,to see them on the street and not even being able to look at them.Or seeing something that make you think about them.Or people asking you why you're not talking anymore,that's when it hurts the most.People constanly making you recall the moment you and your friend shared together.But days will pass,months will pass,and your wound will start slowly to heal.Trust me,it will heal.You will still think about them,of course.But you will surely start to accept the fact that you both are now walking on different paths.Seeing them again and again but not being able to ask them if they're ok.if they're happy,it's so painful.But we can't change things now.And we can't keep recalling the past.I know they meant a lot for you,but maybe it's time to let go of your memories.A friendship is unpredictable, and we should always be prepared to treat our wounds,our loss,right away.I know it's not simple,but trust me,you will get over it whether you want or not.You will meet new people,make new memories.You will smile again,you will laugh again.Just be patience and let time treat your wounds.