It's late and I'm outside.
I want to be in your damn arms
but how? if I'm just another teenager with love problems
How forcing someone who already sees that glow in other clear eyes?

Walking down the street I saw your shadow
so I decided to follow the trail
should never have done it, now I think I'm going to throw up
the lights are lit enough to drop the mask
Did you really have to kiss her in front of me just to prove it?
you don´t love me or be my friend
What kind of friend breaks your heart one day after you say you loved him?
broken heart in the middle of the night
Typical of lovers however is a lesson difficult to understand
The old me just died right now, you want a bitch right?

it's time to sharpen the knives and tear these cables out of my brain.
It's gonna be a lonely night, stay in darkness because maybe it's the only help you'll have tonight

"Lover" ...

Hi kisses to everybody :)
please one <3 if you like it

Image from:gabriellasiebritz