hello people of the world,

thank you to who read my last, and first, article which got a lotta love, and i am very thankful. i have a crafted a new list of songs by some cool people, some sad and quiet tunes to listen to that have resonated with me and many ways. so enjoy children, here is a more organised playlist, a present from me to you. listen on.

be quiet, be still, rest in your tears, along with your fears, you are no longer alone.

home (pt. 1 & 2) ~ current joys

salvia plath ~ teen suicide

dandelion hands ~ r.i.p

arctic monkeys ~ only one who knows

cage the elephant ~ flow (theres two versions but personally i think the 7 min is better but still a great song)

radiohead ~ daydreaming (interesting song- not for everyone though)

elvis depressedly ~ teeth

thank you, and enjoy - H.A