Sometimes don't you just feel sad and anxious without even knowing why?? Don't you just feel alone?? I do. And everything feels so wrong. Don't you just want to cry?? I do and when a tear starts falling down then thousand of them will follow because you don't cry only for that moment but for all the bad thoughts and feelings from the past.

Then there are some days that I have this uncontrolled happiness. I sing and dance all day long. I have this need to be outside, into the nature, to take a walk, play with my guitar, be with my friends and family. These kind of days I just feel so beautiful and without doubt they are my favourites.

... and the rest of the days are normal and pleasant.

I wish that there were no bad days but I guess this is life and nothing is perfect, there is bad in every beautiful thing and there is beauty is every bad thing.
We need these bad days to wash away anything that hurt us.