Hi everyone !

I use this app since 5 years but nowadays i didn't used it...but my friend @victoriarl9 sayed few days ago that the page was renewed and now we can write articles..so I'm here again .🎈

I would like to share some information about me .

My name is Jennifer .I got my name from Jennifer Gray , because when my mom was pregnant with me her favourite movie was Dirty Dancing . I was born in Slovakia. Now I live in Slovakia but I lived many years in Hungary .

geography, slovakia, and map image

My native language is Hungarian . In my school we studying Slovak, English and German . In home I studying Korean and Japan . This two languages are my favourite 💜.
I'm a big ANIME , KPOP and of course KDRAMA fan !! My fav anime is Naruto , fav kpop band is BTS - 방탄소넌단 💜 . When I have free time I love spend this time with watching movies and series (I am a series dependent 😆 ) or reading my fav writer - Dan Brown - books .

I really love cute and magicals thing . I belive in magic , I live my own world ( Root country - this is my and my brother inmaginary country )
I really love creepy things too..horrors💜..halloween..ghosts,demons,whitches..etc ..and I want to be a criminal psychologist so I think this sentence is very well describes me ..but it's just my opinion .

In the begining I'm a little bit shy but I really love talking/writing with new people so if you want you can write to me .
I know that I have many grammar mistakes...sorry about it !!! - Thank you so much for reading this "little"articel about me 😊✌

*Arigato Gozaimasu