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My first day of school is tomorrow. That means tomorrow's outfit is going to determine the first impression new people get of me. In different words, that means this outfit will be crucial.

The fool I am thought I could just decide it last minute, carefree and happy to not be extra for no reason. But let's be honest I am extra, it's part of my personnality so I can't just not overthink this.

The conclusion to that rent is I went shopping lol

And I thought I could give you some inspiration, tips and tricks on how to rock your first outfit or any outfit for school (to be honest the first outfit isn't that crucial)

Get a cool pair of jeans

One that can go with endless outfits. My recommendation would be black skinny jeans or blue mom jeans (or both). I bought another pair of mom jeans from Zara today so you can check there if you want some, but I know H&M may have them

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They're great because they'll always look cool no matter what you wear them with. You can either tuck your shirt into them or wear a slightly cropped top or sweater. They're good with sneakers and boots so I mean they're absolutely a must-have.

First get some that aren't ripped maybe so you're sure they're appropriate for every event.

Basics are your friends

You can wear basics without being basic. A white shirt, a nice sweater, black or white sneakers, the list can go on and on. The point is on those days when you want to cry because you "have nothing to wear" they'll be there for you. They also look great when you already have an original piece in your outfit. So basic, comfortable clothes are your secret weapon.

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What's more they're usually super cheap especially during sales I always buy myself basics for less than 10€

Have multiple jackets

If you're on a budget though you kinda want people to think you have an impressive wardrobe, the key is changing your jacket eveyday. That's the first thing you see in an outfit, and it can add an edge to it and just make it so much more interesting. Get cool vintage jackets in thrift shops like a Levi's or Nike jacket for 20 to 40€

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Looking trendy

That may or may not be what you want but that's something you can't say no to. If you absolutely don't want to be trendy I understand but I think most people think like me. Anyway, it's rather easy : look at your classmates, who do you think wears the coolest outfits ? Get inspiration from that or those people, don't copy their look but take what you already have in your closet and try to get the same vibe. You can also get inspiration on We Heart it lol obviously, from your favorite celebrities...

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halsey omg she inspires me so much
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whatever your opinion of her may be, you can't deny she looks and dresses really good

What matters is that you actually like and feel comfortable in the trends you copy otherwise you won't be confident and the extra effort you put into the outfit will be useless.

I believe being well-dressed is not about pleasing other people's sight but empowering yourself and boost your confidence. If when you get dressed in the morning you don't feel empowered by the outfit you're wearing, maybe it's time to start changing things.

Remember you are loved no matter what they say

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