Hey, everyone, I'm back again with another article, tho, this one might be a bit more personal than the other two. Thank you so much, for all the hearts, I am so glad to know that someone enjoys reading my articles as much as I enjoy writing them.

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Today was the first day of school. It might sound a bit lame and childish, but I didn't enjoy it. I know, most people don't like school, but that's not it. I don't know if it's the rain, my friends, the studying itself or anything else, but I was feeling down the whole day. I just felt like no one really noticed me and it's not like I was the new girl and just need to adapt to the environment, you know? My two good friends weren't really aware that obviously I felt left out. Like a third wheel. Third wheeling a couple is a lot better than two of your actual friends who talk to each other a lot more than with you. Like they don't care.
I know, this all might sound stupid and maybe I'm just unnecessarily rambling, but maybe someone have felt the same way?

rain, road, and nature image
rain, bed, and bedroom image
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Just some rainy images that I love to rest your eyes a bit

Also, do you ever wonder why some people who try hard to look good, to be nice to everyone, are never really noticed? But the rude, loud ones maybe the ones that don't try as hard always get invited everywhere and people seem to like them? Why the hell is that? It's so difficult for me to keep my head up, because, yes, I'm the first type.

It's not like people hate me, they even like me, but I have never felt like they really care or they would miss me just one bit, you know? (With "miss me" I mean, just like a part of the class or whatever).
So, anyone else feeling like you are invisible?

Hoping whoever reads this, is feeling better than I am,
Mandy xx

P.S. If you got till the end of my ramble, you deserve a golden star, thank you.